Friday, January 24, 2020

Sponsor A Sack of 'Square Hugs' and Warmth

Turkey is home to the largest refugee population in the world. As temperatures drop to well below freezing they aren’t equipped to handle the freezing temperatures and icy conditions and without proper winter clothing, warm shelter, blankets etc.

photo courtesy of Tamer Altaiar 

Our blankets are made from knitted/crochet squares which come from around and are stitched together by Lily's team of stitchers. Each square is a hug from someone who cares. Likewise our warm clothing is made by sewers, knitters and crocheters from all walks of life and almost every country in the world. 

Please help us meet the cost of sending out the blankets (square hugs) and warm clothing by sponsoring a sack of Warmth  for £7 ($9)so we can continue to let the children living in the camps know that we do care and they aren't forgotten especially as the weather is so cold at the moment. To Sponsor a Sack of Warmth  you can pay via PayPal. Sacks are packed ready to be sent. We will be sending to Hatay via Tamer at Drop of Hope, Adana via Mahmood  and Konya via Anas who will distribute them to the children on our behalf. 
Each of our sacks typically contain 6 full size blankets or 12-15 baby/children's blankets.  100 hats and scarves or 30- 40 sweaters. We will send you a photo of your sack with a list of its contents and will include any message you wish to send to the Syrian children. 
Please help us to bring a little warmth and comfort with lots of 'square hugs '