Monday, July 15, 2019

Help Provide Education for Syrian Refugees

We feel refugee education should be a top priority.  Recent studies by U.N.C.H.R and AFAD show that Syrian refugees living in camps are in need of basic education at all levels and underlies the magnitude of scarcity for education programmes in camps. In the past camp education has relied on volunteers.  Some were teachers in Syria but most were not. As volunteers are not bound by hard and fast schedules or curriculum their instruction and time with the children is often inconsistent. We want to employ qualified teachers and will be using elements of the official Turkish curriculum to enable students to transfer to the Turkish schools and elements of the Syrian curriculum to enable education to continue in Syria should the day come when they can return. Apart from paying the teachers salary there is a  need to purchase Teaching aids, Text books, notebooks, stationery, chalkboards, desk, chairs, laptop to enable the children to learn about the worldwide web,  fans for the heat and heaters for the winter. We would also like to provide each child with their own school bag. For those children able to attend in the Turkish schooling system we hope to be able to help with transport and the purchase of uniforms etc and hopefully  provide a scholarship to a limited number of children. This is a very ambitious project but I am sure we can achieve it with your help.  we have made a start by collecting pens,pencils etc and making pencil cases in our stitching group and purchasing school bags.