Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Help Cold Syrian Children

Photo: REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

As syria’s civil war continues unabated, thousands of children have fled across the border, terrified and desperate for safe refuge from the spiralling violence. These children have not found the protection and assistance they need – because winter is here and thousands remain without appropriate shelter. Winter has started its glacial spread across the region, but while the icy winds and driving rains pick up and temperatures begin to plummet, funding required to meet the needs of those most at risk is just not there.Thousands of children have already suffered through months of terrifying conflict and displacement, and are now at serious risk of succumbing to the cold. Children are particularly vulnerable to disease associated with the cold, and are in urgent need of protection as the bitter winter sets in.The plummeting temperatures and torrential rains could leave thousands of refugees facing serious health problems like hypothermia, frostbite and chest infections. This could prove deadly for the most vulnerable children – some of whom are already getting sick from the cold.

  So let's try and send them a little comfort and the knowledge that someone is thinking of them.
Help 'Lily' Love In the Language of Yarn Knit Squares to make blankets for these Syrian refugees especially the children. 
I realise the cost of sending items by post especially to Turkey can be costly. Therefore I am asking everyone PLEASE if you could knit or chrochet just 3 squares they would fit easily into an envelope and postage shouldn't be too great.  
Please if you could just knit or crochet 3 x 8inch squares, pop them in an envelope and send them to the address at the bottom of this page, we will sew them together to make blankets and a child with nothing will get a warm and colourful, cover for their bed!

Please Help If You Can!
'Lily' is supported by businesses and individuals in Turkey, whether it be donations of yarn, Knitting and Crocheting or transportation of completed blankets to receiving agencies.
'Lily' has no paid employees.  All the good work is done on a strictly volunteer basis.
'Lily' wishes to thank all those private individuals and businesses which support us.  Without you, there would be no 'Lily' - Love In the Language of Yarn.  We work hard for the day when we are no longer needed to help keep Children warm.

Dianne Jones - Founder of  'Lily'- Love In the Language of Yarn.
Address - 'LILY' C/O Dianne Jones
                   Türkmen Mahlesi
                    Ünlü sokak No 10 D4

We work with reputable, experienced relief agencies to securely transport and distribute our hand-knit and crocheted blankets. 
You can also find us at:  https://www.facebook.com/LilyLoveInTheLanguageOfYarn