Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sponsor A Doll And Help Provide A Syrian Family With Daily Bread

Master Corporal Mark Isfeld’s mother Carol created the Izzy Doll so he would have something to give to the children he met while serving as a peacekeeper. When Mark was serving on peacekeeping missions he saw that the children of those countries had no toys. Personal possessions are often lost during wars. His Mother, Carol Isfeld knitted him a little woollen doll that he could give away to the children he met.
In 1994, Mark was killed while serving in Croatia by a land mine explosion. Mark’s comrades in 1 Combat Engineer Regiment asked Carol to continue making the dolls for them to give out. Before Carol passed away, she gave her blessing to Billy Willbond and his organization ICROSS to carry on promoting, creating and distributing the dolls.
HPIC began working with ICROSS more than a decade ago. Through this partnership, HPIC became a major recipient of the Izzy Dolls. A few years ago, Billy passed the torch to HPIC to continue the mission of bringing comfort and joy to the little children of the world. Billy had three conditions: that HPIC use the dolls to benefit children, that this work be done to honour the memory of Master Corporal Mark Isfeld, and that the dolls not be bought or sold.

LILY wants to continue this story by distributing 'Izzy' dolls to children in war torn Syria. We are asking you to sponsor the Izzy dolls and you will receive a sponsorship certificate. The dolls will then journey to Syria and the sponsorship money will be used to provide a Syrian family with fresh bread daily.

Once you sponsor your Izzy doll it will be packed away to be distributed to children in time for Children's Day April 23rd 20017. You will receive a photo of your Izziy doll and a certificate of sponsorship.

The acute suffering of civilian communities has been made immeasurably worse by a shortage of bread, Syrian’s staple food, caused in part by the deliberate bombing of bakeries. By sponsoring a doll you will be helping to ease the plight of the Syrian civilian population, who feel abandoned by the rest of the world by making sure that they at least get fresh bread daily.
The 5 pounds sponsorship money will provide a family with bread for a month and help to ensure the continued running of the bakery in Idlib, Syria.

Because of difficulties with PayPal in Turkey we can only accept donations via Western Union, direct bank transfer.  If you are wishing to send LILY a donation from the UK.
The MJB Charitable Trust registered No 1067378 will collect donations on LILY’s behalfand transfer them to our bank account at regular intervals. Donations can be sent by bank transfer to:
Bank: Cater Allen Private Bank Sort Code: 16-57-10
Account No: 54649018 Account Name: MJB Charitable Trust
As MJB are a registered charity in the UK donors will also be able to claim Gift Aid.
You will need to let LILY know and we will send you the Gift Aid form which you will then
have to send to the Trust either by post or scan and email.
If you want to know any more about the MJB Charitable Trust, accounts etc are publicly available on the Charity Commission’s web site.
You can still send by direct bank transfer to LILY’s Turkish bank if you wish
The bank details are Bank name: Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş,
Branch is: Kuşadasi Şubesi -943, Account number 80899009
Custmer No 37640670 Dianne Barbara Jones
IBAN no : TR41 0006 7010 0000 0080 8990 09
if via western union or money gram I think you need the address which is
Türkmen Mahlesi,
Sürücü sokak 11/2,
But often just my name - Dianne Barbara Jones and my phone number 0090 541 716 9386. Whichever is easiest for you thank you.

or by direct bank transfer for larger amounts.