Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knit / Crochet Blanket Squares For Syria's Children

After more than two years of conflict, the situation in Syria remains dire. Families have been torn apart, communities ruined and schools and hospitals destroyed. More than three million people have now fled the war in Syria and are living as refuges throughout the region with anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 refugees leaving the country on a daily basis - on average around 100,000 people leaving Syria every month, around 50 percent of these refugees are children. That's the official refugee population.
So, when you look at that totality in Syria you've got basically around a third of the population that is on the move or living away from their usual place of residence. Which is just a phenomenal state of affairs.

When Syrian children and families finally arrive at a safe place, they are traumatised, scared, and vulnerable. Some children are unable to talk - they are just so profoundly traumatised by what they've seen, this could involve seeing a loved one killed in front of them, they may have been living under the sustained shelling for a good deal of time or seen their house destroyed.

'LILY' is doing all it can to bring a little comfort and warmth to help these Syrian children but we need your help!
Please consider making a square or two with your odds and ends of left over yarn. Any spare yarn  you have can be knitted or crocheted into eight inch squares and then we'll stitch them all together into a blanket. No waste! also a great stash buster and a child with nothing gets a warm and colourful, cover for their bed!

Knitting Instructions
FOR ONE 8"/20 cm SQUARE, you will need:
Yarn from a 100 gram (3.5 oz) ball of yarn or scraps of yarn 
 worsted weight , double knit or 8 ply
Size 4 mm needles  6 (USA)
A yarn sewing needle.
 Cast on 32 - 40 stitches ( depending on tension, try to make your stitches neither too loose nor too tight to help ensure uniform squares)
 Row 1: knit
 Row 2: knit. These two rows form the 'garter' stitch knitting pattern for your square but you use any stitch you prefer, be as creative as you like. Continue knitting  until you have knitted a square
 To ensure you square is 8"/20 cm either use a tape measure .

 Cast off
 Use your yarn sewing needle to sew in all the yarn ends using a darning method

Leave a half meter length of your yarn attached to your work after you have cast off. This will be used to join the squares together.
 but if you're changing colors work in your other tails.  DO NOT TIE AND CUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE KNOT, THAT IS GUARANTEED TO COME UNDONE.  Knot if you want, but leave a tail and work in your ends.

You can also find us at:

Refugees fleeing Syria urgently need our help. 

Help us make a difference today!

'Lily' is supported by businesses and individuals in Turkey, whether it be donations of yarn, Knitting and Crocheting or transportation of completed blankets to receiving agencies.

'Lily' has no paid employees.  All the good work is done on a strictly volunteer basis.
'Lily' wishes to thank all those private individuals and businesses which support us.  Without you, there would be no 'Lily' - Love In the Language of Yarn.  We work hard for the day when we are no longer needed to help keep Children warm.

Dianne Jones - Founder of  'Lily'- Love In the Language of Yarn.

Address - 'LILY' C/O Dianne Jones
Cumhuriyet Mahlesi
Sürücü Sokak
Yildrim Apart 11/2
We now also have a  branch in Jordan, the address to send squares to Jordan is 
'LILY' C/O  A Mencke
P.O. Box  2842
Jordan, 11941